Thomas was born on July 4th, 2019. He is a Great Dane mix and will grow to be a big boy, likely 80-100 lbs! Thomas is a happy-go-lucky pup who loves people and playing with his siblings. He is very affectionate, and after a good play session, he loves cuddles and taking naps. He loves playing with other dogs, and would love a playful canine companion in his home! He is also currently working on potty training.

Thomas needs a special family because he was diagnosed with a problem called “Megaesophagus,” which means his esophagus is enlarged. This makes it difficult for food to get into his stomach. Not one to let a little problem like this slow him down, Thomas is learning to eat in an upright position, and remain upright for an extended period after eating. Right now, he uses a high chair, but as he gets older, he can be trained to eat with his front feet on a chair or table.

Like all puppies, Thomas will need a family who is around a lot to give him all the attention a normal puppy needs to grow into a well-mannered adult. Thomas will also need a little more attention during feeding time because there is a risk of aspirated pneumonia for dogs with this condition.

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